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Dropbox Business Sharing and Storage


Price 3 users/month

Easy to use
Sharing and collaboration tools, 3TB secure storage, offline data access.

Centralise team content
Create, store and share cloud content from Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, Microsoft Office files, and Dropbox Paper alongside traditional files in Dropbox.

Transform your folders
Dropbox Spaces brings your files and cloud content together, so that your PowerPoints can live next to your Google Docs, Trello boards and whatever tools your team wants to use.

Team collaboration, any time, anywhere
Easily access your team’s work from your computer, mobile device or any web browser.

Use your favourite collaboration tools
Keep your team’s files and the conversations about them in the same place by connecting tools such as Slack and Zoom.

Find what you need fast
Intelligently suggested files and folders keep your team one step ahead by giving everyone the content they need, when they need it.

Get peace of mind
A secure, distributed infrastructure – plus admin tools for control and visibility – keeps your company’s data safe on Dropbox.

Pricing does not include VAT.