Is the cloud the silent revolution?

Only a few years ago cloud based software and storage came along and we all seemed to fear the thought of our information being stored somewhere out there that we didn’t have any control over and accessed via the internet.

It all felt a little bit scary and has the potential to expose our business data. But in just a short space of time pretty much everyone now has and/or uses cloud-based content and software. From shopping to storage and apps, just about everything is now saved automatically to the cloud!

Technology has certainly matured and more businesses have started to see the benefits of the cloud. Such things like enhanced mobility and access to files from any device and any place, create better collaboration and communication between people and locations.

The outcome is improved storage space and greater control over data, with zero maintenance cost and administration over traditional servers.


Once the data is stored in the cloud it is safe. Access is easy and protected.

Easy Sharing

Data stored in the cloud can easily be shared across your network in a secure way from any location.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is the perfect platform for collaboration between people and enables multiple access to edit and combine your files and documents.

Scalable Services

As your requirements grow so can your service. Bolting on functions, apps and storage capability is an easy process.

Are you #local?

We love local. In November we are getting involved in promoting local events and festivals, organised by local businesses and organisations in Ilkley. From the monthly food market to beer festivals and Christmas lights switch on – we will be shouting about it.

Coming soon!

The importance of team

It’s true to say that teamwork is the essence of Court Computers. We have built up a small and dedicated group of people all of whom bring their unique skills and personalities to the table, which makes working at Court Computers so much fun!

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Fab new website!

Those clever designers and developers have created for us a new website – and you can now order your cloud essentials online. We have the latest Microsoft 365 Premium and Office 365 Email Exchange, plus Cloud Based Storage and Internet Security.

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